Oracle Back-to-Back Process

Back -2- Back order.

Item Attribute set ups:

  • Item must be marked as Customer Orderable on the Order Management tab and Purchasable on the Purchasing tab.
  • Item must be marked as ‘Assemble-to-Order’ on the Order Management tab. (This attribute is actually called ‘replenish to order’ in the database. There is an enhancement pending to change the prompt for this field on the Master Items form, to reduce confusion now that this flag also controls procure-to-order’.)
  • Item must be marked as ‘Build in WIP’ on the BOM tab. There is an enhancement pending to remove the dependency of this attribute being checked, but for now, you have to do this to make this process work.
  • Item must either have the make/buy flag on the General Planning tab set to ‘buy’, or else have a sourcing rule saying that it is to be sourced from a vendor.


The line status when the order is booked will be Supply Eligible.

From Actions button select progress order

Now the line status will be P.O requisition requested.

Switch responsibility to P.O >Reports>Run >Auto Create Purchase Requisition

Switch to order management and run the concurrent Requsition import and import source =CTO

Now the line status in the sales order will be P.O req created.

Now auto create this P.O REQUISITION as STD P.O and APPROVE

Now do the receipt and check the on hand qty.


Inv>check on hand qty.

Now at the sales order line , the line status will be Awaiting Shipping .

Now do the normal sales order cycle and ship the order.

Run work flow back ground to close the order.


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