ADF Application Deployment

Navigation for Deployment is very simple. Please find the steps with screenshot below:

1.      Click on the icon right to the application name -> Deploy -> Application Name

2.      Select “Deploy to Application Server and click “Next”

3.      Click on “+” button

4.      Give the connection name(Any Name would be fine) and click “Next”

5.      Enter your username and password(Note: The username and password must be of WebLogic Admin Console) and click Next:

6.      Enter Configuration Details and click Next:

7.      Click on “Test Connection” button. As shown in below screenshot, all the messages should be in Success status and then click “Finish”:

8.      Select the server name and click next:

9.      Select “Deploy to selected instances in the domain”, wait for servers to get loaded, select AdminServer, and click Next:

10.  Click on Finish button!

Your application is deployed successfully!

To check the deployment, navigate to Weblogic Admin Console -> Deployments and check the application

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