Steps to take TKPROF

Steps to take TKPROF:

1. Open Your Concurrent Program and check on “Enable Trace“.

2. Run the concurrent program.

3. Once the concurrent program is completed successfully, copy the Request id and paste it in the following query:

Select oracle_process_id from fnd_concurrent_requests where request_id=1234567890;

where 1234567890 is the request id

4. Query the following statement in any instance to get the path of files from which the TKPROF is created.

select name, value from v$parameter where name like ‘user_dump_dest’;

5. Transfer .trm and .trc file using Filezilla/WinSCP from the above path to your Desktop

6. Open Command Prompt: (Start -> Run -> cmd)

7. Go to the path where the files .trc and .trm are placed using the following command in Command Prompt:

cd C:\Users\Desktop

8. Generate Trace file by entering the following command in the cmd:

tkprof file_name.trc file_name.out SORT=fchela

.out file will be created in the same path.

.out file is the TKPROF

9. Please do not forget to UNCHECK the “Enable Trace” Option after getting the TKPROF file.

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