Java and SQL Overview – ADF Pre-requisites

What is a set of instructions?

We hear Google Maps telling us the following directions to reach to a particular location:

Note that Google Maps has given us the set of instructions. Well, the program is also a set of instructions. We are asking the Computer to follow certain set of instructions using a language which is understood only by the computers. We call the language a programming language. There are several programming languages in the market. Since we are also posting some blogs on ADF, we got a feedback to post some blogs on knowledge required to learn ADF.

ADF uses Java and SQL. Thats it!! Let us start with Java.

There are two important things you need to know in Java: Class and Object.

A class is a blueprint. For example, to construct a building, you need a blueprint of each flat:

This blueprint is used to create several objects.

An object is an instance of a class. For example, from the above blueprint(class), you will create several flats. Note that each flat has a unique number(Flat No. 120, 121, etc.). In the same way, each object created from the class is unique.

ADF provides several pre-defined classes in Java. You can use these classes and create objects of the class to achieve the desired functionality.

In SQL, you need to know the basic DML statements.


For writing good SQL statements, refer our SQL Performance Tuning blog.

There are several websites available to learn Java and SQL online.

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