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To create a Database Connection in JDeveloper, Go to Application Resources -> Connections(Right Click) -> New Connection -> Database

Enter all the connection details and click on Test Connection button. It should return Success! and click OK:

In ADF applications, there are two projects by default created(Model and ViewController). If the requirement demands more than one project to be created in an application then you can create a new project:

You can select the project template and proceed:

Note that it is recommended to select Model or ViewController project in an ADF application because the preferences are selected by default.
To change the preferences of ADF Business Components: Go to Tools -> Preferences

Business Components(Java Classes): In JDeveloper if we want to generate Java files then check the checkbox:

In Java, there is a concept of extending a class. We extend base classes in order to get the functionality present in the base class. We should not try to change these base classes else the JDeveloper will start giving problems:

Every organization will have a naming convention for each object. We can set the suffix as a naming convention for each Object. If the naming convention is set then it will automatically add the suffix to the object name:

Packages: It is the directory structure. It is recommended to keep every object in different directories as mentioned below. We will cover the business components in another blog:

The main advantage of setting the preference is the code and the directory structure will look organized or neat.

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