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Interview Questions Oracle Apps

PLSql ——————————————————————————————————————– 1) Difference between functions and procedures? 2) What is Cursor? 3) What are the types of cursor? 4) What are the attributes of cursor? 5) What is reference

Standard Tables in Oracle EBS

Important Standard Tables in Oracle Apps Table, Views, Packages, Procedure, PLS Files, and Function all_objects Request Group fnd_request_groups Responsibility fnd_responsibility_vl Application fnd_application Concurrent fnd_concurrent_programs Lookup fnd_lookup_values_vl Value Set fnd_flex_value_sets Descriptive

Exploring JDeveloper

To create a Database Connection in JDeveloper, Go to Application Resources -> Connections(Right Click) -> New Connection -> Database Enter all the connection details and click on Test Connection button.

WCC Capture Workspace Migration

WCC Capture Workspace Migration from A instance to B: 1. In A instance, connect to Capture WLST tool using wlst.cmd command in Windows command prompt or in Unix eg.

Materialized View – Performance Improvement

Materialized View(MView) is the database object, which is used to store the data of query from other instances to reduce the I/O operations performed on the disc and to improve

ADF Basics Part 2 – Hello World

After installing JDeveloper, launch jdeveloper.exe from <JDEV HOME>/jdeveloper.exe(it is present under C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper directory on my machine) and select “Default Role”. JDeveloper supports various technologies. To develop ADF applications, we

Application Development Framework(ADF) Basics Part 1

ADF stands for Application Development Framework. It is a commercial Java based framework meaning we have to pay the licensing fee to oracle to use/develop ADF applications. There is one

Weblogic User Creation/Addition/Listing/Deletion and Group Creation/Deletion Script

Following are the WLST(WebLogic Scripting Tool) commands to add new user/group, to add user in a group, to remove user from a group, to remove user/group, to list all the

Hyperlink in EXCEL BI Publisher Reports

The user has to search for the PO number online in the PO Form to view the related information. Similarly, the data related to PO like Item Information, Sales Order

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